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MoneyHub experts say: Energy prices have skyrocketed and has made it harder to find better deals. Don’t lose hope, and shop around to save €€s on your energy bills. We offer comparisons based on average winter prices. Fixed vs Floating price is a tricky question. If you have time to mange it we prefer the exchange rate price. If you use electricity to heat your home. We would recommend heating your home overnight as much as possible if you can and try boosting it at lunch time when rates are lower. But you will need to keep an eye on the price fluctuations as they can be huge. Try signing up for notifications from our Electricity Price Watch page to prevent being caught out. You can find it here. Negotiate with national grid provider (not just the electricity companies) for a lower as they too can be flexible. If you use gas, sign up both electric from one provider and ask for a lower rate.

Electricity rates

TähtaegKaristusKeskmine senti/kWhKuumaksMeie hinnang
AS Eesti GaasAvatudEiBörsihind9.27Vaata lähemalt
Elektrum Eesti OÜAvatudEiBörsihind9.29Vaata lähemalt
VKG Elektrivõrgud OÜAvatudEiBörsihind9.39Vaata lähemalt
Enefit ASAvatudEiBörsihind10.012.02Vaata lähemalt
220 Energia OÜ6 kuudEiParandatud11.421.99Vaata lähemalt
Alexela AS6 kuudEiParandatud11.421.99Vaata lähemalt
Elektrum Eesti OÜ6 kuudEiParandatud12.011.88Vaata lähemalt
AS Eesti Gaas36 kuudJahParandatud11.6Vaata lähemalt
220 Energia OÜ36 kuudJahParandatud12.7Vaata lähemalt
Enefit AS36 kuudJahParandatud12.01Vaata lähemalt

Gas Prices

TähtaegKaristusKeskmine senti/kWhMeie hinnang
220 Energia OÜAvatudEiBörsihind4.35Vaata lähemalt
Alexela ASAvatudEiBörsihind4.42Vaata lähemalt
Enefit ASAvatudEiParandatud4.97Vaata lähemalt
220 Energia OÜAvatudEiParandatud5.24Vaata lähemalt
Alexela ASAvatudEiParandatud5.24Vaata lähemalt
220 Energia OÜAvatudEiMuutuv hind3.81Vaata lähemalt
Alexela ASAvatudEiMuutuv hind3.9Vaata lähemalt
Energate OÜAvatudEiMuutuv hind4.05Vaata lähemalt

Energy FAQs

How can I find information about my annual consumption (kWh)?

You can find out the annual consumption from your current electricity supplier or from the measurement data of the impartial e-elering portal managed by Elering . It is an information system that gathers all contracts related to the sale and transfer of electricity and measurement data of electricity consumption.

In general, a small apartment consumes about 2,000-3,000 kWh of electricity per year, larger apartments and houses 3,000-12,000 kWh.

How do I find out if I have dual or single rate metering?

Today, residential premises have remotely readable electricity meters and they do not affect the choice of package. The customer chooses a one- or two-tariff package depending on his consumption needs and monthly budget.

What is the difference between dual and single rate metering?

The two-tariff metering system means that there is a different electricity price during the day and at night. Single tariff means that the price is exactly the same all the time.

How do we calculate our star ratings?

Our star ratings are based on the headline rate offered, our consumer base feedback, additional charges, ease of business, and value-added benefits.

What happens if I do not or have not chosen an electricity supplier myself?

You have a legally guaranteed electricity supply. Electricity is sold under the name of general service to small consumers (home consumers, apartment associations and business consumers whose electrical installation is connected to the network via a low-voltage main fuse of up to 63 amperes). The price of the general service is calculated on the basis of the hourly quantities of electricity sold as a general service in a given month and the weighted average price of the hourly electricity prices published on the electricity exchange.  All other business consumers must buy electricity at the end of the electricity contract at the balance energy price, which is formed as a ratio of demand and supply and which is known to be about one-tenth more expensive than the stock market price of electricity.

Who can choose and change electricity supplier?

All customers who have a valid network contract with a network operator. On the basis of the network agreement, electricity is transmitted and measured. Consider that you cannot change the network company that delivers electricity to your home, only the electricity seller. Electrical networks are not duplicated, as running new wires does not make economic sense and is very time-consuming.

How often can you change electricity supplier?

You can change the electricity supplier indefinitely, but the contract usually starts within a couple of weeks.

In addition to the electricity price, what does the electricity bill consist of?

The price of electricity makes up about a third of the electricity bill. About two-thirds are network fees, electricity excise duty, VAT and renewable energy fee, all of which are regulated by the state.

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