Car Insurance

Drive the costs of your car insurance down with MoneyHub.

MoneyHub experts say “car insurance is a legal requirement. If you want to know more about how to find the best car insurance for you, use the comparisons on our website.”

Choosing car insurance is tricky business.

It important to get it right as you may pick up the penalty later. For example not all companies quote on the same products so you may find your excess is somehow 100 euro higher than you thought it was when it comes to an issue and on top of that you will have to sort your own transport out when it comes to getting your bumper fixed! Read the small print of what your signing. 

Brokers provide a great service and are very convenient  but they also add their commission., So you might consider trying each insurance providers direct website, Also it easy to just agree to the annual renewal form without checking if you find a better deal, Don’t that because your insurance provider is also your bank they giving you a great deal they are probably not  And ins some cases MonyHub found they were shockingly over charging. Shop round, check before you sign. The devil is in the detail. Visit MoneyHub on frequently  for up to the minute information. 
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Car Insurance FAQs

What is traffic insurance?

Traffic insurance is mandatory insurance in Estonia, which protects your vehicle against damage caused to other persons or their property in an accident. It is an important insurance that ensures you do not have to bear the costs in case of damage.

How much does traffic insurance cost?

The cost of traffic insurance depends on several factors, including the type of vehicle, age, intended use, and insurance company. The Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund and Estonian insurance companies offer traffic insurance calculators to help you find a suitable insurance premium.

What is comprehensive car insurance? (Casco)

Comprehensive insurance is one of the most important types of car insurance, which protects your vehicle against various risks, including traffic accidents, fire, vandalism, theft, and natural disasters. Comprehensive insurance is optional, but it can be very useful if you want to protect your vehicle to the maximum.

How do I register my car?

If you want to insure your vehicle, you must first register it. During registration, a registration number is assigned to your vehicle, and vehicle details such as make, model, engine power, number of seats, and registration mass are obtained. These details are essential when taking out insurance, and the insurer uses them to calculate the insurance premium.

What are the rights and obligations of car oweners?

As a vehicle owner, you have certain rights and obligations regarding insurance. You must ensure that your vehicle has valid traffic insurance and, if necessary, comprehensive insurance. You must also ensure that your vehicle registration number is always visible and legible and that the vehicle has a valid inspection.

If you want to take out insurance, you have the right to choose the insurer with whom you want to take out insurance. You also have the right to receive information from the insurer about insurance terms and prices.

Once you have taken out insurance, you must ensure that you pay insurance premiums on time and inform the insurer of any changes that may affect the validity of the insurance.

Does car insurance also cover damage caused in a traffic accident?

Yes, car insurance covers damage caused in a traffic accident if you have chosen the appropriate insurance coverage. If you have caused a traffic accident that damaged another person’s property or health, car insurance compensates for the damage according to the agreed terms of the insurance contract.

What risks do car insurances cover?

Car insurances can cover various risks, such as traffic accidents, theft, fire, vandalism, etc. Comprehensive insurance usually offers broader insurance coverage but is also more expensive. Traffic insurance is mandatory insurance that covers damage caused in traffic accidents to other persons.

Is it possible to take out car insurance without traffic insurance?

No, traffic insurance is mandatory in Estonia, and without it, other types of car insurance cannot be taken out. Traffic insurance covers damage caused in traffic accidents to other persons.

Does car insurance also compensate for damage caused by theft?

Yes, if you have chosen the appropriate insurance coverage, car insurance compensates for damage caused by theft according to the agreed terms of the insurance contract. Theft can be insured with both comprehensive and traffic insurance.

What are the differences between comprehensive and traffic insurance?

Traffic insurance is mandatory insurance that covers damage caused in traffic accidents to other persons. Comprehensive insurance provides broader insurance coverage, including risks such as theft, fire, vandalism, etc.

Comprehensive insurance is optional, and its price depends on the chosen insurance coverage.

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