What's the best TV and broadband deals?

Estonia has several key players in the Tv and broadband market – but which is best for you?

MoneyHub Expert says: Shop around for the best deals. You may find that it is best not to have TV and broadband with the same provider. Whilst package deals are enticing, it could be better to mix and match. Also don’t automatically go for the top speeds, chances are you might not really need that level of service. Please note these prices may change regularly. So keep up to date with MoneyHub.

Madalaim MbpsHindKõrgeim MbpsHindTV HindMeie hinnang
Tele2100251000758.4Vaata lähemalt
Fiber5012500329Vaata lähemalt
Telia2019100073.28Vaata lähemalt
Elisa1517.27100071.168Vaata lähemalt
Citynet10025100045Vaata lähemalt
Stv20171000998Vaata lähemalt
Homenet1001530020Vaata lähemalt
Telset5016.350040.7Vaata lähemalt

TV & Broadband FAQs

Why are there so few providers in Estonia?

In Estonia, the telecommunications sector is regulated by the Electronic Communications Act, which aims to create the necessary conditions for the development of electronic communications to promote the development of electronic communications networks. However, this has not seen many players enter the market.

How fast is the internet service in Estonia?
As of November 2022, the average download speed of mobile internet connections in Estonia was at approximately 59.5 Megabits per second (Mbps). Fixed internet connections were slightly slower, at around 58 Mbps.
How do we calculate our star ratings?

Our star ratings are based on the headline rate offered, our consumer base feedback, additional charges, ease of business, and value-added benefits.

How are our tables calculated by Mbps?

Most providers now sell unlimited data so these days packages are mostly calculated by download speed. In each provider we researched their lowest and highest price by offer. Within these prices are a range of other options – so we advise you to check with each provider for the package that suits you

How do you compare the best TV package prices?

We compare the TV package by the lowest entry package price.

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