Thinking of dipping into Crypto?

Trading Crypto isn’t for specialists only but you should choose the right broker to help you.

MoneyHub Expert says: If your thinking of becoming a cryptotrader we advise extreme caution! A very high percentage lose their deposit. Also there quite a lot scams out there. So get your information from trusted sources. If your unsure where to start you may consider ‘copy’ trading. Thereby leaving the decision process to the professionals, which can be less risky. Etoro is a good platform to start with for ‘copy’ trading. 

Are you looking to invest in cryptocurrencies?

With Bitcoin’s price reaching new all-time highs, choosing the best online brokerage that meets your needs as a crypto investor is critical. Look no further than eToro – the broker that offers the largest selection of coins to trade among all the brokers we reviewed. Their user-friendly web-based and mobile applications make trading easy, while their unique socially-focused platform enables you to follow, learn from, and copy the trades of top-performing traders. Plus, their Smart Portfolios give you the opportunity to invest in a managed collection of cryptocurrencies based on a specific theme or strategy.

If you’re new to the crypto world, Robinhood is the perfect beginner-friendly trading app with no fees or minimum. It’s a fantastic starting point for any first-time investor. However, if you’re an experienced trader looking to execute advanced trading strategies in the crypto markets, Interactive Brokers is the way to go. Their selection of technical analysis indicators, charting tools, and comparatively low trading fees make them stand out. Some brokers, such as eToro, allow you to copy the trades of experienced traders. if your a novice this might be a good place to start. Finally, if you’re interested in investing in crypto ETFs, Fidelity is the best choice. They offer a suite of Bitcoin ETFs for their customers, making it easy to invest in the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. 

Trade Responsibly. Leverage Trading in crypto can increase your profit but you need to be aware of the risks associated with it. The crypto market remains volatile, and a collateral amount could be a risk in some instances; it may lead to higher losses, especially if the market moves against your position.

EttevõteValuutadTasudMiinimum USDUued Bitcoini ETF-idMeie hinnang
Interactive Brokers40,12% kuni 0,18% ilma lisatud hinnavahede, juurdehindluste või hooldustasudeta0JahVaata lähemalt
Etoro90+1% + muutuv hinnavahe10JahVaata lähemalt
Robinhood250%0JahVaata lähemalt

Crypto Trading FAQs

What Is Crypto Trading?

Crypto trading involves actively trading cryptocurrencies to generate regular profits. Unlike crypto investing, which entails holding digital assets long-term, crypto trading focuses on short-term gains, relying on market trends and technical analysis indicators to determine entry and exit prices. It occurs on dedicated exchanges or online brokerage platforms through spot or crypto derivatives markets.

Is crypto trading profitable?

Profitable crypto trading requires a thorough comprehension of crypto market drivers and proficient application of technical analysis. Employing robust risk management strategies is crucial to mitigate downside risks in this volatile market. While cryptocurrency volatility can offer lucrative opportunities, it can also result in significant losses for inexperienced traders, particularly with leverage.

Should you a crypto broker?

When trading cryptocurrency, the choice lies between a broker and a crypto exchange. If you already hold an account with an online broker supporting crypto asset trading, it’s advisable to utilise it for trading digital currencies and tokens due to its familiarity, convenience, and user-friendly interface. Brokers, being regulated financial entities, offer a high level of security and regulatory compliance.

On the other hand, crypto exchanges, though offering additional investment options like staking and interest-bearing accounts, present higher security risks due to less regulation, making them prime targets for hackers. Additionally, they often pose a slightly steeper learning curve compared to popular online brokers like Robinhood and eToro.

How do we calculate our star ratings?

Our star ratings are based on the headline rate offered, our consumer base feedback, additional charges, ease of business, and value-added benefits.

What is crypto spot trading?

Crypto spot trading involves the direct buying and selling of cryptocurrency with immediate delivery, contrasting with trading crypto derivatives like perpetual swaps. Derivatives allow speculation on the asset’s price without actual ownership.