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Which mobile deal is best for you? 

MoneyHub Expert says: There aren’t many choices in Estonia. Service and coverage vary by provider. So check local area before choosing. We have quoted price with minimum data and the first large package or unlimited usage. Our expert says don’t overspend choose the right package. Do not automatically take the biggest package chances are your probably don’t need. Perhaps you might consider upgrading your package if your going on holiday and downgrading afterwards. MoneyHub says Understand your actual needs. Don’t overspend.  Tallinn has a pretty good free wi-fi service. Do you really need 40GB of data? check your usage regularly.

Andmed GBHindPiiramatu / kõrge andmemahtPere hindMeie hinnang
Tele2leping361248Vaata lähemalt
Telialeping0.055.0935.5971.19Vaata lähemalt
Elisaleping26.641.67166.68Vaata lähemalt
Diilleping0.055.0815.24 (100GB)Vaata lähemalt
Superleping/maksa nagu lähed0424/(200GB)Vaata lähemalt

Mobile Internet FAQs

How much internet capacity do I need?

It depends on what you use the internet for. Here are some examples for you to choose your smart package according to:

  • Spotify: 0.066 GB 1h of music listening (high quality download)
  • Facebook: 0.16 GB1h usage (watching videos)
  • Instagram: 0.24 GB 1h viewing (including uploading and saving Reels)
  • Netflix: 3 GB 1h watching series (Full HD quality)
  • YouTube: 1.7 GB 1h video viewing (Full HD 1080p quality)
  • MS Teams: 2.5 GB 1h of video calling (Full HD quality)
What is the difference between a call minute in the EU and a call minute from Estonia to the EU?

All outgoing and incoming calls made in foreign countries included in the package are included in EU call minutes. For example, if you are in France and you receive a call from a friend from Estonia, the minutes of the received call are also included in the calculation of the corresponding volume. However, if you call outside the region of the package, for example from France to UK (not part of the European Union), these call minutes are not included in the package-specific calculation and you pay separately based on the price list of foreign operators (roaming).
Calls made from the home network to numbers with area codes of foreign countries included in the package (32 in total) are included in the number of call minutes made from Estonia to the EU, for example, a call from Estonia to the number of a French operator with area code +33.

Can I use the volumes of foreign services included in the European smart packages in Switzerland, Russia, Monaco, Andorra, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro?

No, these countries are not part of the European Union and the list of packages provided, therefore the services consumed there are not included in the package-based calculation. In these countries, you consume mobile services separately based on the price list of foreign operators (roaming), which you can contact the mobile operator to get a list to be accurate. 

How do we calculate our star ratings?

Our star ratings are based on the headline rate offered, our consumer base feedback, additional charges, ease of business, and value-added benefits.

What happens when the limit is reached?

If 70% and 100% of the limit is reached, the mobile operator will (usually) notify you on the related mobile number. You can always change your limits if necessary.

How can I order additional volume if the package-based internet volume still runs out?

Usually, when the package-based volume is full, you will be automatically directed to the page for ordering additional volume.
You can order additional capacity:
with one button press directly from the device;
from self-service.
To order directly from the device, you must have the corresponding additional rights. To be sure, contact your mobile operator.

Is Mobile ID included in my monthly mobile fee?

Usually, no. Mobile ID is usually an additional service. Contact your mobile operator to add this service.

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