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Keep track of your monthly outgoings

MoneyHub Expert says: If you want to save money. We suggest keeping a tight watch over how many subscriptions you actually have. So they are very easy to sign up for and quite easy to forget about. We advise sign for one service watch everything that good on it, then cancel it and move on to another. Don’t keep three subscriptions running when you’re only really watching one. So if you like football cancel your subscription during the off season. Some like Netflix allow multiple logons so partner up your friends or family and share the costs.  Also there is quite a lot of free content out there if you look for it. Youtube is a good place to start…

Mitu kasutajatMärkmedMeie hinnang
Go3Eesti/Inglise/RussianVaata lähemalt
ViaplayEesti/Inglise/RussianSpordiVaata lähemalt
TeliaEesti/Inglise/RussianVaata lähemalt
AmazonPrimeIngliseJahPostiteenused hinna seesVaata lähemalt
NetflixIngliseJahUnknownVaata lähemalt
Apple TVIngliseVaata lähemalt
Disney+IngliseMCU & Star WarsVaata lähemalt

TV Subscription FAQs

What is a TV subscription?
A subscription to a television service from a cable, satellite or telephone company.
What is the difference between a digital TV description and a streaming service?

Nothing really, just another name. A streaming service is an online provider of content delivered over the internet, which can be accessed via a connected TV, mobile phone or any other device.

How do we calculate our star ratings?

Our star ratings are based on the headline rate offered, our consumer base feedback, additional charges, ease of business, and value-added benefits.

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