Nearly everything you need to know about loans

Nearly everything you need to know about loans

Borrowing money as a loan can be used for almost anything, from little emergencies to long-term purchases like a home. Before you take out a loan, read how they work, what they cost and what borrowers should consider before applying for a loan.

Why do so few women do investing?

Why do so few women do investing?

Why do so few women do investing? Very few women invest, yet when they do, they statistically outperform men. Why then, are not more women investing? Post summary: Why do so few women invest? Why women need to invest more How women are being supported with investing Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on your view), very […]

How to get a home improvement loan

home improvement loans

A home improvement loan is designed to help you get more from your property, whether you’re buying a new kitchen, fixing a leaky garage, or giving your property a new lease of life.

Are you an emotional spender?

an emotional spender

However good you are at managing your money, your emotions can urge you to make unnecessary purchases. Are you an emotional spender?

Is social media causing us to get into debt?

social media influencer debt

Extortionate rental prices, credit card bills, and student loans make it difficult for us to save for our future retirement. However, social media is a new threat impacting our financial growth and security.

What is debt consolidation?

debt consolidation

If you have many different debts and are worried about repaying them all each month, then a debt consolidation loan is for you. Debt consolidation consolidates your existing debt into a more manageable monthly payment.

Fine wine, fine profits?

fine wine being poured into a glass

Fine wine is one of the most talked-about alternative investments. Yet Is fine wine investing an opportunity for retail investors or the preserve of a few expert specialists?

Common investment mistakes to avoid [Updated 2024]

Common investment mistakes to avoid

Despite learning the lessons of history, there are still plenty of common investment mistakes that investors perform. Our updated 2024 guide will get you started for building a prosperous investment portfolio.

5 tips for choosing a forex broker

forex trading

5 tips for choosing a forex broker 5 tips for choosing a forex broker If your considering becoming a day a trader in the foreign exchange market, you will find numerous online forex brokers are vying for your business. Visit any financial news website, and you’ll be inundated with many internet adverts from these brokers. […]

How to compare short-term loans online

With families struggling to make ends meet and access to traditional forms of credit drying up. More and more of us are turning to short-term loan lenders to help in times of financial crisis. 

If you’re considering taking out a short-term loan, it’s essential to know what you’re applying for and if you are getting the best deal for your finances. Understanding how to compare short-term loans online is the best way to make the right choice.

To ensure that you take out the right short-term loan, you must compare which loan against others suits you best. To help you, MoneyHub aims to list all short-term loan companies must list their loans on loan comparison websites.

However, how do you compare short-term loans online?

MoneyHub has written a detailed guide on comparing short-term loans online as an alternative for loans and credit.

Comparing gyms in Estonia

Picture of gym equipment

Finding a fitness or health club that will meet all your personal targets and help you stay motivated requires asking some key questions, and being realistic and upfront about your goals.

But how do you find the right gym?

What should you be looking for? Price? Equipment? Location?

Finding the ideal gym to aid you in reaching goals is challenging, so here is an overview of a list of gyms to help you get started.

Myfitness is Estonia’s biggest sport and fitness club chain, allowing customers to use their 13 different centres in Tallinn simultaneously, with a further five located around Estonia—(Three in Tartu, one each in Viljandi and Narva). Myfitness is very popular among locals because it offers a variety of classes (Cardio, Strength, Body and mind and children) combined with well-equipped gyms with dedicated personal trainers.

It has something for everyone!

How to find instalment loans

instalment loans

Need to find the best instalment loans online? Then look no further as MoneyHub explains what they are how to compare them.

How debt damages your personal relationship(s)

Man in therapy pondering the damage debt does to his relationships

Debt can cause an unbelievable amount of pressure on relationships, causing disputes, quarrels and frustration from either partner.

In a debt-ridden environment, staying strong as a couple can be challenging. Either or both partners can become cold and withdrawn from each other, leading to repeated arguments on how the debt was accumulated in the first place.

Moreover, trust within a relationship can be damaged or, worse, broken.

How does debt become a problem in relationships?

Couples get into debt for several reasons.

The most common is a significant life event, like getting married, illness or having a child. Changes in circumstances can have a considerable impact on a couple’s finances, and adjusting can be financially challenging.

Alternatives to borrowing money that doesn’t include your friends and family

Man lending his friend money

It can be tempting to ask friends or relatives to lend you money, yet many of us hate borrowing money from friends and family. You need to carefully consider whether you can afford to repay the loan and can cope with what might happen if you can’t.

Borrowing from a family member can provide emergency money and help you avoid forms of borrowing with very high interest rates, like loans and overdrafts

If both parties are confident it will not harm a relationship with a family member if you don’t repay, this is a good option as it usually is interest-free.

If you’re borrowing from a friend, be aware that if you don’t repay, this could end the friendship.