Which are the best deals for Estate Agents?

Consider your options before employing a broker if you’re selling your house.

MoneyHub Expert Says: If your thinking of selling your house be advised that brokers and agents fees vary wildly. You would do well to get quotes from multiple agents first as rates offered and services provided are not the same. 


Choosing a real estate broker

We here at MoneyHub asked Estonia’s best-known agents to quote their rates against multiple properties in and around Tallinn. The answers that came back showed a wide range of results. We found that brokers are asking for very different fees and, at the same time, offering very different levels of service. Agents were reluctant to quote any price once they saw you in person. Mostly, this is because they want to talk you into signing. However, with some pressure, we managed to get what we believe is their best price even after allowing for some negotiation. In general you should expect to pay somewhere between 2% and 3.5% but not higher., Some brokers are charging as much as 5% for a house and some don’t include sales tax. So it really pays to shop around. 


Whilst compiling our comparison, we considered each level of service along with the charges and the value-added services that each provides. As the quotes they gave us are confidential, we calculated the average fees and then each agent’s improvement over that charge as a percentage or not. We also analysed how effective the value-added services might be in selling your property and scanned the net for opinions and comments. 


Agents are going through challenging times, and the housing market has dropped in volume, which has depressed prices. If you are selling, we advise you to use your position of power and push for the best price. However, some agents only take some photos and list your property on either or You could also do this as long as you don’t mind answering the calls and being pestered by brokers. Remember many brokers operate as freelancers attached to the main agency. This gives them quite considerable scope to change their fees if they want to, So do not be afraid to push as hard as possible for the best price.  In general the larger agencies are harder to negotiate with and will take a firmer line so you should consider which agency is right for you and are what benefits do they really offer.

Check What Your Signing

Consider your options before employing an agent if you’re selling your house. Many agents will say anything to get your property on their books. This includes inflating the value of your property and making many promises. So be aware of this, as they will ask you to drop your price substantially later. Tactics like this add time and leave the seller in a difficult position; so carefully check your contract’s termination agreement. 

EttevõteHind võrreldes keskmisegaMinimaalse tasuHinnavahemik TurgTuruosaMeie hinnang
1Partner Tallinn Kinnisvara OÜ-19%YY5%Vaata lähemalt
City Property OÜ-19%YY4%Vaata lähemalt
Laam Kinnisvara OÜ-16%YY3%Vaata lähemalt
Kinnisvarabüroo Toom-46%NN0Vaata lähemalt
Pindi Kinnisvara OÜ5%YY9%Vaata lähemalt
RE Kinnisvara AS5%YY6%Vaata lähemalt
Domus Kinnisvara Vahendus OÜ5%2800N4%Vaata lähemalt
Ober-Hausi Kinnisvara OÜ5%YY4%Vaata lähemalt
LVM kinnisvara15%YY12%Vaata lähemalt
Uus Maa OÜ26%YY24%Vaata lähemalt
Kinnisvaraekspert OÜ40%1000Y3%Vaata lähemalt

Estate Agent FAQs

What is the Hind võrreldes keskmisega? (Price compared to average)

How did we calculate this? Each broker provided quotes on three different properties. From these quotes, we calculated the average value and how much by percentage each broker was willing to quote less or more from that average value. These prices are indicative only. As market conditions change, a new survey may produce different results.

What is Minimaalse tasu? (Minimum Fee)

This is the charge each broker would charge as a minimum. In many cases, brokers were unwilling to reveal their figures but stated they had one.

What is the Hinnavahemik Turg? (Price Banding)

Many brokers have different rates depending on the location and size of the property. So, for example, the headline rate quoted for a house may not apply to an apartment.

What is the Turuosa? (Market Share)

Larger agencies may offer more access to buyers. We have calculated the approximation based on the number of adverts each broker has displayed over the last six months. But it is only an estimate.

How do we calculate our star ratings?

Our star ratings are based on the headline rate offered, consumer base feedback, additional charges, market share, ease of business, and value-added benefits.

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