Comparing gyms in Estonia

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Comparing gyms in Estonia

Finding a fitness or health club that will meet all your personal targets and help you stay motivated requires asking some key questions, and being realistic and upfront about your goals. 

But how do you find the right gym? 

What should you be looking for? Price? Equipment? Location? 

Finding the ideal gym to aid you in reaching goals is challenging, so here is an overview of a list of gyms to help you get started.


Myfitness is Estonia’s biggest sport and fitness club chain, allowing customers to use their 13 different centres in Tallinn simultaneously, with a further five located around Estonia—(Three in Tartu, one each in Viljandi and Narva). Myfitness is very popular among locals because it offers a variety of classes (Cardio, Strength, Body and mind and children) combined with well-equipped gyms with dedicated personal trainers. 

It has something for everyone! 

Membership costs depend on what hours of the day you wish to go and whether you want to access all gyms. Myfitness does have Period passes and One-time passes. Note that there is a joining fee, from €15 online to €30 in person.

Reval-Sport Club & Spa

Reval Sport is a Tallinn sports club with nine training rooms, a spacious gym, a squash court and over 35 exercise classes. You can also use the two-lane 25m swimming pool, and once you have finished a training session, why not take the opportunity to relax in one of the steam and infrared saunas? 

Monthly membership fees depend on training times and how long you want the packages. (going peak and off-peak times). There is a €7 one-time joining fee.


With top-notch fitness machines, a beautiful sauna, various classes and great personal trainers – Sparta Sports Club is one of the most popular gyms. 

Sparta Sports Club is suitable for people who like outdoor training because they offer a variety of special packages for outdoor activities – ski training, bicycle training and running workouts. 

The caveat is that it gets overcrowded too often so a tip here is always to attempt to go off-peak if possible. Of course, it is challenging for those who work daily hours. Membership is expensive, and price lists are available on their webpage but only in Estonian.

Gym 24/7

Sports Club Gym 24/7, based in several locations across Tallinn, offers different packages for those looking to either sign up for a year or only a few days. Gym members can enter using the app on their phones. 

Becoming a member is pretty affordable compared to some of the other gyms. For more information and a complete price list, visit their website here

Golden Club 

Golden Club has 4 locations in Tallinn. A modern and stylish fitness club offering Estonia’s best-equipped gym and fitness rooms, spinning classes with MYRide+ workout programs and courses in four halls. 

In addition to a fitness club, there are also 23 indoor and outdoor tennis courts and six badminton courts at the Tondi site, so it’s also the perfect place for tennis enthusiasts. Monthly membership fees are more expensive than usual, but it is worth checking out due to its spacious, clean and professional feel. Prices can be found on their website.


Gym! Sports Club is one of the newer sports clubs in Tallinn. They offer the usual latest gym facilities, classes, personal trainers, martial arts classes and the opportunity to use the ball game halls. Gym! Sport club has a reasonable starting price for those wishing to get going. Fees can be found here.

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